What is Dry January?

Dry January is a talking point of most conversations this month! The one-month challenge to be alcohol free to help millions of people to reset their relationships with alcohol.

Why Do People Do It?

After Christmas lots of us feel like we have drunk too much, the jeans have become a tad too tight, and we are in need of a January detox! 

To make this month-long stint a whole lot easier the revolution of non-alcoholic drinks is here!

Low Alcohol & Non-Alcoholic drinks have come a long way in the past 12 months! People are stepping away from the generic sugary soft drinks (like the classic lime & soda) as the choice of non-alcoholic beverages is booming!

With such an appealing range of non-alcoholic drinks launching in the fine food market, we have made is our mission to bring you some of the best!  

Dalston's 0% G&T is a refreshing balance of botanicals including juniper, coriander and Lemon balm for a soft citrusy sparkling drink with gentle notes of quinine bitterness. Made with real botanicals using non-alcoholic steam distillation.

Pentire is a botanical non-alcoholic spirit made by distilling unique plants native to the Cornish coastline. Pentire Adrift features botanicals such as rock samphire, sage, sea rosemary, citrus, and Cornish sea salt - capturing the aromas and flavours of where the land meets the sea.

The Non-Alcoholic & Low-alcohol sector has grown by 80% reaching a total value of £60 million in the on-trade market alone!

Gunna makes uncompromisingly tasty craft soft drinks packed with natural juices, less than 5% sugar and no artificial colours or flavours. They felt soft drinks had lost their pizzazz, so they started Gunna to spice things up a little!

The great thing about Jeffrey’s Tonic syrups is that they can work in cocktails, as well as in a Gin & Tonic. They all work with gin, and vodka is obviously an easy mix, but you might be surprised how well the ‘Original’ goes with whisky.

 ‘Love British Food Ambassador and drinks expert Jane Peyton, tried Jeffrey’s Tonic over Christmas and thinks they are delicious. Tweeting her “How to guide” on the School of Booze, she loved how the product allows you to still partake in the ritual of making your perfect G&T, just without the alcohol %. Paired with a Gin she also thinks they are truly scrumptious!'

The non-alcoholic trend is tapping in with the Dry January Challenge, with many consumers trialing the new options out of curiosity alongside the evident health benefits associated.

 In 2019 more than four million Britons signed up for the Dry January! With 2020 set to be significantly higher there has never been a better reason is stock up on some new lines today!