Little Scarlet Strawberry Gin Liqueur - No Flash Mark (002)

We are thrilled to launch Tipree's NEW Strawberry Gin Liqueur! (TP270)

Tiptree have recently partnered up with The Hayman Family, who have been making gin since 1863. Based locally to the Tiptree farm, it was a natural move to combine the delicious fruit from the farm with the natural botanicals in this small batch gin to create something extra special. Each batch of gin is crafted in an artisanal copper still, named 'Marjorie' after Grandmother Hayman.

Tiptree's Little Scarlett strawberries are rested in the spirit to imbue their beautiful rich fruit notes. The Little Scarlett strawberries are a tiny variety of strawberry unique to the Wilkin Estates. They require great care whilst growing and picking, but we agree with Tiptree - it's worth every inch of effort!

We think this new liqueur is extremely versatile, as well as being delicious simply enjoyed as it comes, it also makes a great base for cocktails. Here's something to try below;

Tiptree Fruit Gin Spritzer

  1. Fill an attractive glass with ice.
  2. Add a measure or two of Tiptree Fruit Gin Liqueur.
  3. Top up with your favourite mixer for a rather fruity Gin Spritzer.

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