Best of Britain at Springvale Foods

This month is all about our very own “Britain’s Got Taste” – showcasing some of the best British foodie brands in stock at Springvale Foods. What better way to celebrate our country and everything it has to offer than by featuring some of the best of Britain? Take advantage of our monthly promotions and stock up on some of our best-selling British brands this month.

Cawston Press

Cawston Press have been making delicious pressed juices for over thirty years. Founded in 1986, the brand was originally named Cawston Vale and only focused on apple juice. However, over the years, it was re-named Cawston Press and their juice range expanded to include a variety of other flavours as well as carbonated drinks. This month, some of our range of Cawston Press drinks are on promotion, including Cawston Press Cloudy Apple Single Cans, Cawston Press Sparkling Rhubarb Multipack and Cawston Press Apple and Elderflower 1 litre.

Border Biscuits

Border Biscuits make luscious biscuits loved nationwide including the UK’s favourite Dark Chocolate Gingers. Border are also Scotland’s number 1 premium biscuit brand. This family business has been baking their signature biscuits since 1984. Their signature flavours have been crafted from authentic family recipes and, over the years, these recipes have been meticulously developed to craft the perfect crunch and flavour. Their delicious Border Biscuits Chocolate Gingers, Border Biscuits Viennese Chocolate Biscuits and Border Biscuits Sharing Pack are all on discount this month.

Miller’s Crackers

Miller’s are a long-standing family bakery that have been making artisan biscuits for over 100 years. They make everything by real people, from sifting and weighting ingredients by hand to baking their biscuits until the smell is just right. They use high-quality natural ingredients, never any artificial preservatives or additives plus, strive for perfection, ensuring that their biscuits look and taste as irresistible as possible. At Springvale Foods, we stock a selection of Miller’s artisan biscuits, from Miller’s toast, such as Miller’s Toast Cranberry and Raisin, to Miller’s crackers, such as Miller’s Water Crackers.


Tyrrells crisps started being made at Tyrrells Court Farm in 2002. Their hand-cooked crisps are made with local Herefordshire grown potatoes and other vegetables. Soon after selling their potato crisps to local farm shops and delis, they crafted delicious carrot, parsnip and beetroot crisps. Tyrrell's, sometimes misspelt tyrells crisps or called tyrrells chips, are also known for their unique flavour pairings, from Tyrrells Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper Crisps to Tyrrells Mature Cheddar and Chives Crisps. However, their classic flavours, such as Tyrrells Sea Salt and Vinegar Crisps continue to be a popular choice.

Mr Filberts

Mr Filberts make award-winning delicious and moreish snacks, including gourmet nuts and gourmet olives in a variety of interesting flavours. Established in 2010 in Somerset, Mr Filberts use a unique process of grilling nuts or seeds in warm air for a refined and healthy result. Each recipe is gluten-free and has no artificial preservatives or artificial flavours. Some of Mr Filberts nuts available at Springvale Foods include Mr Filberts Sea Salt and Herb Mixed Nuts, Mr Filberts Salt and Pepper Cashews and Mr Filberts Chilli and Lime Peanuts.