Olina’s Bakehouse Delicious Artisan Crackers

Olina’s Bakehouse create delicious artisan crackers which are perfect to eat plain as a quick afternoon snack or top with your favourite cheeses to perfectly finish a late-night meal. With their distinct range of high-quality seeded toasts, light and crispy wafer crackers and an unrivalled range of gluten-free and vegan-friendly crackers, this appealing brand has become the stand-out, must-have range for Speciality Stores and Farm Shops.

Olina’s Bakehouse pride themselves on producing high-quality, great-tasting products at affordable prices. To achieve perfection, Olina’s Bakehouse crackers are made with the finest quality ingredients and baked in small batches. The result? Distinctly unique texture, satisfying crunch and delicious flavour. These crispy crackers have an exceptional flavour and can hold your favourite toppings without getting soggy.

Ready to start stocking up your shelves with Olina’s Bakehouse crackers? Get some for yourself too but be aware – it will be hard not to eat the whole package in one sitting! From natural wafer crackers to gluten-free crackers and even artisan crackers loaded with natural fruits and seeds, there is something for everyone.

The seeded toasts are competitively priced and packed full of flavour with a moreish crunch, while the wafer crackers; being thinner than traditional crackers offer a wonderfully subtle taste and lighter texture which gives precedence to the dip of cheese they carry.

Olina’s Bakehouse range of crackers includes Olina's Bakehouse Sesame Wafer Crackers and Olina's Bakehouse Cracked Pepper Wafer Crackers, which are both on discount this month. So, if you haven’t tried these crackers already or you’ve been thinking of displaying these on your shelves, it’s the right time to do so whilst saving money.

The Simply Seeded products are Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto Friendly and Low Carb but still crammed with flavour and a delightful texture. These products really shouldn’t be reserved for the Free-From shelves, where they will put other products in the category to shame.

Some of Olina’s Bakehouse gluten-free treats include Olina's Bakehouse Gluten Free Natural Wafer Crackers and Olina's Bakehouse Gluten Free Seeded Toasts Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed. Both of these options are suitable for those on a gluten-free diet and can be enjoyed with cheese, pate and dips.

Seeded flatbreads are also available, including Olina's Bakehouse Simply Seed Flatbread Pumpkin Seed and Olina's Bakehouse Simply Seed Flatbread Ancient Grains. Discover Olina’s Bakehouse full range of premium artisan crackers at Springvale Foods today.