Piccolo - Organic and Nutritionist Approved Foods For Babies and Toddlers

Founded by Cat Gazzoli and infant nutritionist Alice Fotheringham, Piccolo Foods is here to help parents feed their children wholly organic and nutritionist-approved snacks, pouches, home-cooked meals and baby formula. Alongside this aim, Piccolo has stayed faithful to its core values of environmental care and supporting communities and charities in every step of its journey.  

Constantly growing, Piccolo’s on-the-go range is made up of pouches with healthy & unique ingredient combinations and delicious & exciting snacks. All organic, all nutritionist-approved.   

  “Made by a family who knows what growing families are like.” 

Piccolo exceeds the normal standard for baby pouches by bringing together great tastes and nutritious, vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit through Alice’s recipes. Ranging from stage 1 to stage 3, the pouches vary from delicious fruit smoothies , such as Piccolo Organic Blushing Berries Pear & Banana Smoothie, to nutrient-dense veggie combos, including Piccolo Organic Green & Go Fruit & Veg, and pureed, balanced whole meals, like the Piccolo Organic Spring Vegetables & Chicken Casserole.  

Their snacks are great for all occasions and just what parents want when their kids need an afternoon nibble or a little something to tide them over. The newest addition to the snacking range, the Mighty Oaty Bars, are already proving to be very popular with little ones. At Springvale Foods, we stock the delicious Piccolo Apple, Carrot & Orange Mighty Oaty Bars, which are great for snacking on the go and to add to lunchboxes.

All Piccolo food products are nutritious, well-balanced, and super tasty - guaranteed to make your baby smile. 

Its cooking range, another recent addition to Piccolo’s roster, has also proved to be a hit with mums and dads. With both Cat and Alice having busy work lives and loving the bonding experience of cooking for their little ones, they wanted to ensure that parents didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.   

The Piccolo Organic Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese is a baby-friendly rendition of this classic British meal. It’s all-natural, has no added sugar and is textured, perfect for babies over 7 months old. It is deliciously creamy, incorporates a hint of sage, making for the ultimate baby comfort food. It is made with organic carrots, butternut squash, cheddar and Montello cheese reconstituted whole milk, vegetable stock, pasta and sage – no nasty chemicals or additives.

Its pasta, sauces, risottos and stock cubes are massive time savers for parents who want to feed their children balanced and healthy home-cooked meals but aren’t able to spend the entire day making that happen. As with the rest of Piccolo products, its entire cooking range is organic and nutritionist-approved. Some of the fabulous cooking range available at Springvale Foods includes Piccolo Organic Pasta Stars, Piccolo Organic Vegetable Stock Cubes and Piccolo Organic Cheese & Pumpkin Stir-In Sauce.

Making good on its promise of supporting parents at all stages, Piccolo also produces its own baby formula for Stages 1, 2 and 3. Piccolo’s award-winning formula milk is palm oil-free and, as with all their other products, completely organic.  Plus, Piccolo also makes teething wafers, perfect for introducing babies to new textures, including the Piccolo Squares Banana Blueberry Teething Wafers. Designed for babies over ten months old, the firm structure allows little gums to suck and chew, whilst also melting in the mouth. It’s made using organic grains and legumes and is the perfect product to teach self-feeding.

Throughout September, Piccolo has a month-long 20% discount on all pouches, snacks and cooking range, as well as a 15% discount on formula.  Discover the full range of Piccolo baby food today at Springvale Foods.