Prepare For BBQ Week With Our Essentials

This year, the National BBQ Week runs from July 4th to July 10th. As this week quickly approaches, Brits are encouraged to dust off the barbecue, break out their special recipes and get their grill on. So, it’s essential to have your shelves filled to the brim will everything your customers will need to have a successful BBQ.

At Springvale Foods, we supply a variety of wholesale BBQ products that will fly off your shelves. From sauces and marinades to hot dog rolls and refreshing drinks. Explore some of our barbecue essentials below.

BBQ Grills.

A disposable BBQ grill, such as a Mini Disposable BBQ and a Large Disposable BBQ, is a must-have for making barbecues whilst fishing, camping or when having a picnic. Portable BBQ grills are also great for making barbecues at the beach and in gardens (where permitted).

Rubs and condiments.

The flavour of grilled meat, fish and vegetables can be deliciously enhanced with rubs, such as Sauce Shop Chipotle BBQ Rub and Sauce Shop Original BBQ Rub. Mustard, ketchup, such as Stokes Large Tomato Ketchup, and mayonnaise continue to be BBQ staples to accompany grilled meats and vegetables.

However, today, there is a wider variety of unique and delicious sauces that will pair brilliantly with any BBQ. From Belberry Spice Mango Ketchup to Tiptree Sriracha Mayonnaise and Sauce Shop Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce.

Relishes and chutneys also fall into the condiment category alongside sauces, and can also go perfectly with BBQ meats and vegetables. This includes Mrs Darlington’s Caramelised Onion Chutney and Kuhne Sweet Pickle Gherkin Relish.


Serving a good quality bun will have an immense impact on the overall enjoyment of a burger or a hot dog. So, having the right bun is important. At Springvale Foods, we supply hot dog buns, such as Dulcesol Hot Dog Rolls and burger buns, such as Dulcesol Plain Burger Buns and Dulcesol Sesame Burger Buns.


Snacks are paramount to offer guests whilst meat, fish and vegetables are grilling. Some of our top picks include Dodoni Halloumi Caramelized Onion Thins and Eat Real Sour Cream and Chive Quinoa Chips. These are delicious nibbles that your customers will adore (and come back to purchase time and time again!).


Top off your shop’s barbecue section with everything your customers will need to make the ultimate roasted dessert, S'mores. From marshmallows, such as Rocky Mountain Mega Marshmallows to S’more kits, such as Gimme S’mores Classic Kit. Gwynedd Barbeque Chocolate Dipping Tray is also a great dessert to finish a barbecue. This unique chocolate dipping tray features luxury Belgian chocolate and skewers.


Ice-cold drinks are a staple at any BBQ. Whether you are searching for wholesale alcoholic drinks, such as bulk gin, or simply wholesale drinks – we have it all. Whilst a gin and tonic is a great choice for many on a hot, summer day, children and other adults might prefer a soft drink, such as Belvoir Freshly Squeezed Lemonade 75ml.

If you are looking to create an eye-catching display at your shop and do not want to go through the hassle of adding product by product into your basket, we have put together three handy pre-made BBQ bundles: Classic Summer Small BBQ Bundle, Classic Summer Medium BBQ Bundle and Classic Summer Large BBQ Bundle. Add some must-have barbecue products with a click of a button with our BBQ bundles.