Wholesale Rum Products at Springvale Foods

At Springvale Foods, we sell only the highest quality rum, made from the best possible ingredients. We stock a variety of rums by fabulous brands to fill your garden centre shelves or display on your independent food shop. Here are some of the rums we have available, from dark rum to white rum and spiced rums to suit every taste, time and occasion.

Yarm Pink Rum

This smooth White Rum combines strawberries, rhubarb and a hint of rose petal for a totally unique and flavoursome taste. Its bright pink hue makes every drink look fancy, and it’s served on the rocks, with a slice of citrus fruit. Distilled and bottled in the lovely North Yorkshire Ridings, Yarm Distillery use only the finest ingredients in their drinks. We also offer their Yarm Spiced Rum and Yarm Spiced Pineapple Rum, which both look and taste great.

Westerhall No.2 White Rum

This luxury white rum has been double-distilled and aged in plain oak casks for two years to achieve a smooth and mellow balance that comes in at 37.5% ABV. It’s diluted with the purist of Grenadian spring water before being charcoal filtered for absolute clarity. It tastes great mixed with cola or lemonade, or in a cocktail. We also stock Westerhall No.3 Golden Rum, Westerhall No.5 Golden Rum, Westerhall No.7 Dark Spiced Rum and Westerhall No.10 Vintage Dark Rum.

Keepr's Honey Spiced Rum

This excellently crafted triple-distilled Florida dark rum is infused with 100% raw British honey, the finest spices and enriched with Cotswold spring water. With every sip, you experience bold notes of cinnamon and vanilla, making it hard to put down. Made in their award-winning distillery, this rum is best served with Double Dutch Ginger Beer and crushed ice. At Springvale Foods, we also offer Keepr's Smoked Honey Bourbon, which is aged for 18 months in White American Oak Barrels before being stored for 3 months in once-used bourbon casks to develop further the oak spice, vanilla and caramel notes.

Belgrove Hazelnut Rum

Belgrove is a pure, single-origin Demerara rum from Guyana, with all-natural ingredients. Hints of vanilla and chocolate complement the rich, hazelnut undertones, making it a real luxury to enjoy. It’s best served neat, with cola or in an espresso martini. For a more intense flavour, try the Belgrove Spiced Fig and Blackberry Rum.

The Sweet Potato Spirit Co. Spiced Rum

This rum, made from mashed sweet potato and sugar cane molasses, is an experience like no other. Its silky-smooth taste is met with notes of ginger, treacle and lemon blossom, as well as cherry, peach and warm spices. You can also find The Sweet Potato Spirit Co. Espresso Rum Liqueur on our site, as well as other favourites from The Sweet Potato Spirit Co.

Noveltea Green Mint Tea with Rum

Made with real loose-leaf green tea, Turkish apple, spearmint and white Caribbean rum, this minty and refreshing beverage has a sweet aroma and pale golden hue. It’s vegan-friendly, gluten-free and is the perfect treat for anyone who appreciates tea and rum. It's best served neat, either cold over a few ice cubes or hot as normal tea or as part of a cocktail.

Tiptree Lancaster Rum

Wilkin & Sons created their famous craft rum by distilling English rum with Tiptree honey, then resting it in English Oak. A minimum donation of £2.00 will be made to the RAF Association for each bottle of Tiptree Lancaster Spiced Rum sold. We recommend you serve it neat, with a splash of ginger beer, or drizzled over your favourite dessert. Be sure to browse our full range of Tiptree products on our website.

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