Lotus Biscoff Smooth Biscuit Spread

Lotus Biscoff Smooth Biscuit Spread
Whether you like your biscuit spread smooth or crunchy, Lotus Biscoff Spread has you covered. With its unique and surprising taste that adds variation to your meals, Lotus Biscoff is a proof that you don’t have to be big to stand out.

The idea for this iconic piece of goodness originates from a very unique Belgian habit – putting their favourite biscuit on top of their bread. But then, a Belgian mum had a terrific idea – why not make a creamy spread of that buiscit? So, she went on and created her own recipe and worked closely together with Lotus Bakeries to bring the spread to its finest level.

The Lotus Biscoff Spread offers you a nice surprise with every bite. It contains original caramelised biscuits 58%, candy sugar syrup, raising agent, rapeseed oil, sugar, emulsifier, and acid. It is available in packages of 200g and 400g. Go ahead and indulge in its smooth perfection!

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