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Creamier textures. Triple the crunch. And deeper roasts for more intense flavour. Always 100% natural. Always the best ingredients. Always sourced directly from farmers we know and love. Roasted, blitzed and blended in small batches. You’ll notice the difference.

Blackbee Honey

15% OFF in February
Just the best tasting British honey. Simple as that. Our mantra is that when it comes to honey, the bees know best. After all, they have been at it for a million years. So, having travelled to find the best honey, we leave it alone. We simply coarse filter out any impurities and jar it just as the bees intended.

Purely Plantain Chips

Team Purely are on a mission bring tastier, healthier and higher quality snacks to the UK. Plantain Chips have 30% Less Fat Than Potato Crisps and are High In Potassium, Fibre, Low In Sugar and a Source Of Vitamins. If that's not enough, they are also Vegan and Gluten Free and Free From Additives & Preservatives!



20% OFF in February

Our roasted peas are vegan and packed full of protein, fibre and other amazing nutrients like B-Vitamins that will power you through the day. They also contain fewer calories and less fat than even popcorn, so you can enjoy knowing you're getting only good stuff!


UP TO 50% OFF 
Browse a selection of lines which are being offered at lower prices due to short-dates or discontinuation by supplier. When its gone its gone. Please refer to the description when viewing each product to see the old and new price.

RJ's Licorice

20% OFF in February
Sticking to what Kiwi's know and love has produced the best licorice you'll ever put in your mouth - straight from New Zealand!