schlünder stollen cake

Is your shop ready for the festive season? Now is the right time to start. Boost your seasonal profit and get ahead of the competition by stocking up on Christmas products now. Pre-order our Christmas 2022 collection to guarantee your stock. At Springvale Foods, we have available a large selection of Christmas products perfect for your farm shop, delicatessen, corner shop or any other independent food shop. From Christmas foods and advent calendars to pet gifts and more – we have a wide collection of wholesale Christmas products to fill your shelves.


Schlunder have been making delicious baked goods for over 500 years across 17 generations. Over the years, Schlünder’s pastries, cakes, chocolates and biscuits have become a popular choice to have on the Christmas table. Even though Schlünder are known for their traditional German cakes, they also make a variety of other sweet goods that will suit any palate.

As the UK exclusive Schlünder distributor, we are the go-to shop to purchase all your Schlünder needs, from their premium range to their bite-size pastries. The premium range includes Christmas cakes in cardboard boxes, such as Schlunder Edel Marzipan Christmas Cake Gift Box 750g, and baked goods in cellophane wrap, such as Schlunder Traditional Christmas Stollen Cake 500g. In addition to this range, we also stock Stollen bites, which are bite-sized pastries filled in three different flavours, including Schlunder Stollen Pieces with Apple Filling. Shop the full Schlunder range today.


Positano Forno e Cremeria creates mouth-watering Italian pastries, from Sicilian cannoli, such as Positano Sicilian Cannoli filled with Lemon Flavoured Cream, to filled Aragostine, including Positano Aragostine filled with Hazelnut Cream. Their pastries are handmade by a team of pastry chefs according to their traditional recipes but with attention to the modern taste.

Exclusive to Springvale Foods, Positano pastries are a must-have this Christmas. We have available a variety of their delicious Italian products, including Positano Canestrelli Shortbread Cookies, Positano Ferretti Shortbread Cookies Coated with Dark Chocolate and much more. Explore our collection of Positano pastries to discover our full range.

Amaretti Virginia

Famous for its soft Amaretti biscuits, Amaretti Virginia is another brand to consider this Christmas. Amaretti Virginia, from Sassello Liguria, was founded in 1860 and it has become a name synonymous with quality desserts and pastries.

Virginia makes a plethora of Italian treats that your customers will adore, from Amaretti Virginia Orange and Chocolate Soft Amaretti and Amaretti Virginia Baba with Rum to Amaretti Virginia Traditional Panettone Gift Bag 750g. Discover a large selection of Amaretti Virginia sweet specialities at Springvale Foods.

Grandma Wild’s

Grandma Wild’s Bakery makes sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits and cakes. This family business, now in its fourth generation, follows many of the traditional recipes created over 100 years ago by the great-grandmother, Annie Wild. The original Wild’s Bakery was established in Lancashire. Today, the family bakery has its headquarters in West Yorkshire.

This Yorkshire family bakery crafts a variety of delicious goodies perfect for gifting at Christmas. From Grandma Wild's Chocolate Chip Bites in a Red Rotating Musical Tin to Grandma Wild's Gingerbread Festive Shapes Gift Box. Grandma Wild’s also makes delicious Brandy mince pies, such as Grandma Wild’s Luxury Brandy Mincemeat Pies 4 Pack.

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