Tasty and crispy snacks by Lorenz

Lorenz Snack-World make and distribute a variety of crisps and snacks all around the world. Their story begins in 1889 when Hermann Bahlsen founded the Hannoversche Cakesfabrik where they made sweet biscuits and, soon after, savoury snacks. It wasn’t until 1999 that the company started being called Lorenz Snack-World. Today, Lorenz are one of the leading players in the European snack market.

Whether you need to restock Lorenz crisps or want to showcase something new in your farm shop, deli or any other food shop, Lorenz snacks are a great choice. With over 130 years of experience in the snack industry, Lorenz has something to offer to everyone.

Lorenz Crunchips

Crunchchips are Lorenz’s range of quality thick ridged crisps. These come in big bags of 150g offering great value and long shelf life. The Crunchchips X-Cut range is available in four flavours: Lorenz Chunchips Paprika, Lorenz Chunchips Salted, Lorenz Crunchips Chilli and Lime and Lorenz Crunchips Cheese and Onion. Additionally, Crunchips are available Roasted, including Lorenz Crunchips Roasted Spare Rib. The Roasted range comes in bags of 140g.

Lorenz Curly

Curly are a snack made with real, freshly ground peanuts. These are crispy on the outside yet melt in your mouth. These are available in 120g bags and come in two varieties: Lorenz Curly Peanut Classic and Lorenz Curly Peanut Mexican Style.

Lorenz Pomsticks

Pomsticks are perfect on-the-go snacks. These are crispy and well-seasoned potato sticks that are available in various flavours, from Lorenz Pomsticks Salt and Vinegar and Lorenz Pomsticks Sour Cream to Lorenz Pomsticks Paprika and Lorenz Pomsticks Hot and Spicy.

Lorenz snacks are free from genetically modified ingredients, fried and/or baked in premium quality rapeseed oil and sunflower oil and packed in recyclable packaging. Their nut snacks are made from sustainably grown and harvested nuts. Lorenz are firm believers in great quality and continuously work hard to keep up with the highest standards.