VITHIT - Healthy and Delicious Drinks

VITHIT is a functional healthy drinks company whose main mission is to provide people with a healthier, great-tasting, soft drink alternative.

VITHIT was created by Gary Lavin in 2000, who identified that people were incorrectly fuelling themselves with sugary drinks post-exercise and undoing all the good they had achieved during their workout. Gary then created VITHIT with a vision to provide people with a low sugar, low calorie, great tasting drink that provided consumers with functional health benefits due VITHIT being fortified with 100% RDA of 8 essential vitamins.

A global brand for the health-conscious consumer.

VITHIT has seen tremendous growth in the last decade and is currently in 14 markets globally being the number 1 in the functional drinks category in most of these markets. The main VITHIT headquarters can be found in Dublin, with other offices around the world in London, Dubai, Australia and Iceland. One may say that VITHIT has gone international and can be found in 14 markets across the world and counting!

Today, VITHIT has a hugely successful range of still vitamin drinks available in 6 delicious flavours. This includes VITHIT Berry Boost, VITHIT Mandarin Detox, VITHIT Lean and Green Apple, VITHIT Immunitea Dragonfruit and VITHIT Perform Mango and Passionfruit. Discover VITHIT juice at Springvale Foods today.

A move towards sustainability.

In 2021, VITHIT launched the VITHIT sparkling cans. These cans were launched in response to the global concerns surrounding plastic and how this threat is affecting our oceans and the world's ecosystem. The cans are a representation of VITHIT's efforts to become more sustainable, more environmentally conscious and fulfil VITHIT's promise to make VITHIT packaging plastic-free by 2025.

This move towards sustainability also came as a direct response to consumers' demands for less plastic and a change in consumer behaviour towards a more eco-conscious consumer. Thus, the VITHIT sparkling cans are infinitely recyclable and contain an average of 73% recycled aluminium in each can.

The next phase of growth.

The VITHIT sparkling cans as well as being VITHIT's venture into becoming more environmentally conscious as a company also represent the next phase of growth for VITHIT. The cans which are still in their early stages have already performed extremely well in both the Irish and UK markets where they are currently for sale.

The cans are only a taster of what is to come from VITHIT over the coming months, VITHIT has been working hard and listening to consumers to bring out the next best health products that support people playing sports, partaking in activities or just want to be mindful about the drinks they are consuming whilst not compromising on taste.