Now well into the Christmas period – but with still a few weeks remaining – we take a look at which products, from our selection of 3,000 All Year-Round (AYR) lines, have proven very popular during the build-up to and throughout the Christmas period (October- Mid-December). Proving the most popular (and no surprise) are Border Biscuits Dark Chocolate Gingers, a product which consumers seem to love whatever the weather or occasion. Coming in at 2nd are their Lemon Drizzle Melts, followed closely by their Variety Share Packs and the Old-Fashioned Ginger Crunch. Taking the top 4 spots out of the top 10 best sellers, Border Biscuits still hold their position as perhaps the favourite brand in the sweet biscuit category, with their variety of everyday packs and gifting treats proving very popular for Christmas gifts.

Farmhouse Biscuits Oat Flips prove very popular also, ranking 5th, with their Mild Gingers being the next favourite from the Farmhouse brand. Anna’s Ginger Thins, ranking 33rd and Botham Shah Ginger Biscuits, ranking 48th, confirm the demand for ginger flavoured biscuits during the festive season. Another brand with plenty of products in the top 20 are Tiptree, again by no surprise, with their Old Times Marmalade and Strawberry Conserve standing at the 6th and 7th most popular products. Tiptree’s variety of Orange Marmalade’s, Ginger Conserve, Lemon Curd and Redcurrant Jelly have also proved strong sellers during the winter period, as consumers favour festive flavours such as orange and ginger. It is clear that demand for AYR Tiptree products remains strong during the festive periods, with most of their preserves, sauces and gifts featuring in the top 100.

Mrs Darlington’s Legendary Lemon Curd, perhaps the best-selling product from the Darlington’s range throughout the whole year, stands strong as the 8th best-selling AYR lines during the Christmas period. The winter flavours of Mint Sauce and Cranberry Sauce are the next Mrs Darlington’s lines to appear, ranking 101st and 105th out of the 3,000 products we stock AYR. With three lines in the top 20 (10th, 13th 20th), Coolmore cakes have proven to be the best-selling AYR cake brand throughout the winter period this year. Their Lemon Cake, Carrot Cake and Double Chocolate Fudge Cake are the flavours which have been in high demand from buyers for all types of set-up – Garden-Centre’s, Deli’s, Convenience Stores and the like. The Lancashire Eccles Cakes (4-pack) have been a consistent top seller throughout the year – and continue to sell well during the festive period, ranking as the 9th best-selling product. The Eccles Cake twin pack ranks as 371st proving that consumers have favoured the 4-pack version! Pencader Welsh Cakes continue their strong sales during the winter period, ranking as the 38th best seller. The Marmite Rice Cakes (27th), Lorenz Salted Pomsticks (27th) and Snyder’s Honey, Mustard & Onion Pretzel’s (30th) head up the snacks, crisps and nuts category, proving lines which consumers want during the winter period as well as in the summer months. The Rendles brand have a strong presence amongst the top sellers, with 6 flavours of their flapjacks ranking in the top 100 (of 3,000), headed by the Mixed Topped Flapjacks at 32nd. The Rendles Cakes also prove very popular winter lines, with the Blueberry & Apple, Chocolate Chip and Farmhouse Fruit proving the most popular recipes.

The Snak Shed brand, exclusive to Springvale Foods, also demonstrates strong sales during the build up to Christmas – with their Chilli Rice Crackers proving the best seller from the range, their Chocolate Peanutsfollow closely behind. Their flapjack range are in high demand too, with the Bakewell and Chocolate Topped Flapjacks being the most popular favours. AYR goods that prove popular for consumers looking to do some festive baking are West Country Meringues, Wessex Mill Flours and Elders Pastry Cases, all ranking in the top 60. Four AYR lines which we would be shocked not to find in the top-sellers during the festive period are the Opies Pickled Walnuts in Malt Vinegar, Sharp & Nickless Brandy Snaps, Crawfords Cheese Savouries and International Favourites Peeled Roasted Chestnuts which all rank in the top 70! The craft alcohol range, which has expanded drastically in the last few months, also fills plenty of the top seller spots, with the Tiptree Gins performing best, followed by Thunder Vodka and English Drinks Cucumber Gin. Hayman’s and Sovereign Spirits also have lines within the top 100. All of these items are available to order now – order before 12noon for the option of next-day delivery. Place your order online at, or call us on 01473 284111.

Information taken from a report ranking All Year-Round products in order of cases sold since 1st October to 14thDecember 2017. Ranked from 1 – 3,000.