Between the 9th and 15th May 2016 many people will be joining Coeliac UK in the campaign to raise awareness of the disease, so the condition is better recognised by healthcare professionals, caterers and the wider public.

What is Coeliac disease?

If you have Coeliac disease, your immune system reacts to gluten and leads to damage to the lining of your gut. This causes symptoms including bloating, diarrhoea, nausea, tiredness and headaches, which only happens if gluten is eaten.

How is it treated?

The symptoms are only relieved when gluten is completely cut out of a sufferers diet.

Did you know?

1 in 100 people in the UK are Coeliacs. Coeliac UK work to improve their experience of healthcare, ensure their gluten-free diet is easy to manage and drive research which delivers new solutions to the problems of living with the condition.

How you can help

  • Spreading awareness of Coeliac UK to your customers
  • Promoting your gluten free ranges during awareness week
  • Highlight your gluten free ranges in store with shelf edge strips (speak to a member of the Springvale team, as we can provide these free of charge all year round)
  • Sharing gluten free recipes made with products you stock
  • Look at increasing your range of gluten free products if the demand is there. (We have added over 100+ new gluten free lines to our catalogue this year)