Despite the UK’s unpredictable weather, here at SVF’s we are ready for the Summer Season to commence!

Our new brochure will be landing early June packed full of delicious summer lines. We have been spoilt for choice this year with so many new and inspiring brands popping up in the specialty foods market.

It goes without saying that us Brits love our tea…and our alcohol come to mention it! Maybe that’s why we love this new brand so much! Novel Tea have taken two of the nation’s favorites and carefully crafted them into the most satisfying and unique tasting loose leaf tea and alcohol liqueurs. 

The beauty of these teas is that they can be sipped warm with a slice of citrus, or served cold over ice to enjoy a refreshing iced tea!

The traditional tea with a twist. 

This one is for all the chilli lovers out there! Single Variety have quickly become a firm favorite here at Springvale with their most incredibly flavoured chilli jams! Whether it’s the mild Fireflame to generously spread in a toastie or the fiery Jalapeno to compliment a BBQ burger; Single Variety have you covered! 

It’s not just their chilli jams that make Single Variety a brand of interest this summer, it’s also their range of real fruit jams. We have tasted plenty of jams over the years and these high in fruit and low in sugar jams have really set a new standard in the market.  

Hullabaloos; perfectly simple yet perfectly delicious. Each bottle of Hullabaloos is made by hand in the Somerset countryside, using real ingredients to create lemonade with no baddies or bubbles. 

Hullabaloos stand proudly beside Snak Shed as one of our most sustainable/green brands with their 100% biodegradable packaging!

Available in 6 tongue tingling flavours and 2 sizes! The smaller 330ml bottle makes Hullabaloos perfect as a grab and go, or the larger 750ml bottle is ideal for a garden party or trip down the beach with the family!  

BBQ’s and Beach Bonfires at the ready! Rocky Mountain's Traditional All-American style Mega Marshmallows are already proving extremely popular as the warmer weather creeps in! Available to order with giant toasting forks, this range of deliciously gooey marshmallows are set to be a best seller this year! The nostalgia of toasting marshmallows around a crackling bonfire is filling up those order forms! 

Founded in 1956, Belberry have it sussed when it comes high quality condiments with a point of difference, boasting exceptional flavours. Exclusive to Springvale, Belberry have attracted an abundance of interest with their innovative range cheese and fruit Delcie’s - with flavours ranging from Fig & Black Pepper to Rhubarb & Muscat wine. If its vibrancy you're after, look no further! Belberry’s Fruit and Vegetable vinegars will ravish all the healthy food lovers and revamp any salad this summer!